Friday, May 1, 2009

Heavy Rains Fail To Extinguish Labor Day Fervor

Masbate City


Heavy Rains Fail To Extinguish Labor Day Fervor

May One Committee-Bicol Region

Reference: Mr. Hernan Cereza (0909.9555344); Mr. Policarpio Baraquel (0926.9304795)

What is a typhoon when we have already braved far worse deluges of poverty and state violence?

Notwithstanding heavy Labor Day downpour, over 22,000 Bicolanos streamed along streets as well as indoor venues to resonate the people’s call for just wages, employment, and freedom from the economic plunder of US imperialism and its local lapdogs. The widespread mobilizations were spearheaded by the nationalist alliance BAN BALIKATAN, Promotion of Church Peoples Response, in coordination with the provincial chapters of the Partylist groups Anakpawis, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, Kabataan, and Bayan-Bikol.

It was recorded that 10,000 people participated in the province of Masbate; 3,000 in Camarines Sur; 5,000 in Albay; 4,500 in Sorsogon, 150 in Camarines Norte and another 150 in Catanduanes.

Bicolanos from various marginalized sectors today defied the rains which have for days loomed to douse the significant May 1 commemoration. On the contrary, despite periodic rains for the past days, members of militant people’s organizations have gone through regular tasks of educating fellow Bicolanos and consolidating advocacies. In fact, even at the onset of the week, streamers, posters and other educational materials have already been prepared, and others distributed. Resolve has been gathered to fight for P125 wage increase for workers, P3000 salary increase for government employees, and employment security for the Bicolanos.

Also, the militant organizations summed up the recent triumphant campaign against Balikatan and its deceptive “humanitarian” missions, while registering the people’s continued fight against armed imperialist intervention and state repression.

“The need to gather resistance against the onslaught weighed down on the people by the greedy capitalists and this collaborating Macapagal-Arroyo regime is far more weighty than the torrent of rains. The constant economic crisis and the subsequent repression and violence of the state have forged the people to become the determined lot that they are even on this stormy day.” Thus is the insight of Mr. Hernan Cereza, May One Committee’s Regional Spokesperson.

Though dampened, the resilient Bicolanos are instead overwhelmed with resoluteness to persist in the struggle for the people’s democratic rights and against imperialist plunder.

On a lighter note, May One rally organizers have deemed to append a vitalizing ingredient to today’s mobilizations. While leaflets containing the organizations’ standpoint on the day’s issues are distributed to the public, rallyists on the other hand are taken to be recipients of their doses of ascorbic acid to reinforce their already spirited forms. #

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Natanggal na Manggawang Bikolano Nagpiket sa DOLE

Nagpiket ang natanggal na mga manggagawa sa harap ng opisina ng DOLE sa Legazpi City nitong Abril 28.

Sa Bikol, nakapagtala ang DOLE ng mga kaso ng pagsasara ng mga pagawaan at tanggalan ng mga manggagawa dulot ng krisis sa pinansya. Nitong Enero 2009, kabilang sa walong naitala ang:

1. Yinlu Bicol Mining Corporation Paracale, Cam. Norte (40 manggagawa)

2. GSG Industries Arimbay, Legaspi City (18 manggagawa)

3. Southern Luzon Telephone Co. Oas at Polangui Albay (5 manggagawa)

4. Artnature Tiwi, Albay (27 manggagawa)

5. Pacific Non-Metallic Inc. Masbate City (17 manggagawa)

6. Consolidated Arrastre Inc. (47 manggagawa)

7. Pacific Cordage Corporation Lidong, Legaspi City (166 manggagawa)

8. Jun Bar Marine Products Inc. Naga City (18 manggagawa)

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Tagumpay ang Transport Strike sa Bikol
85% ng mga pampublikong sasakyan lumahok
Reference: Joel Ascutia – President, CONDOR-PISTON (0915.3199469)

Lumahok ang 85% ng sektor ng transportasyon sa Regional transport Strike ngayong araw. Pinangunahan ng CONDOR-PISTON ang malawakang transport strike sa Bikol. Paralisado ang pampublikong transportasyon sa prubinsya ng Albay, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte at bahaging Rinconada (Iriga, Nabua,Baao, Bula, Bato, Buhi) sa Camarines Sur.

Hinaing ng mga driver at maliliit na transport operators ang ipinapataw ng DOTC at LTO na dagdag na mga bayarin at multa upang “disiplinahin” umano ang sektor ng transportasyon.

Bitbit ng mga tsuper ang pagtaas ng singil ng LTO sa mga bayarin sa lisensya ng mga drayber at multa sa mga traffic violations (mula 200% hanggang 1200% ang itinaas kung ibabatay sa 1992 LTO rates).May nakasampang petisyon ang CONDOR-PISTON para ibasura ang sumusunod:

Revised Schedule of Fees & Charges on Driver's License and Conductor's (DOTC Department Order #2008-38)
• Revised Schedule of LTO Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations (DOTC Department Order #2008-39)

Ayon sa Regional President ng CONDOR-PISTON na si Joel Ascutia, ang pera na dapat sana’y napupunta sa mga hapag-kainan ng pamilya ay legal na nanakawin at pagpapasasaan ng mga tiwali sa gubyerno.

Dobleng kalbaryo para sa sektor ng transportasyon ang palagian nang serye ng oil price hike, mataas na presyo ng imported na mga spareparts at iba pang maintainance ng sasakyan, na mas pinasahol pa ng Value-Added Tax (VAT) sa petrolyo at patung-patong na pasakit na mga buwis, ayon pa kay Ascutia.

CONDOR Update mula sa mga lokal na lider

Motor-Legazpi (Albay) --Umabot sa 99% ang mga jeepney drivers at operators ang nagtigil pasada; 95% ng mga tricycle drivers; 80-85% ng mga byahe ng bus at van na palabas at papasok sa prubinsya ang nakiisa sa transport strike mula kaninang alas-6:00 ng umaga. (Romy Barbudo)

CONDOR-Guinobatan (Albay)--Paralisado ang byahe ng mga jeepney at tricycle sa mga bayan ng Guinobatan, Polangui, Ligao at Oas sa ikatlong distrito ng Albay. Nagtipon ang mga driver sa intersection ng Guinobatan, Albay kung saan naka-pwesto ang CONDOR Mass Action Center. Pinapaliwanagan at hinihikayat ng mga myembro ng CONDOR ang mangilan-ngilan pang tricycle drivers na dumadaan. (Noy Rodriguez)

CONDOR-Camarines Norte -- Nagtigil pasada ang 75% ng mga drivers at operators ng jeepney at tricycle sa Daet, at paralisado din ang transportasyon sa iba pang mga bayan. Di nagbyahe ang Lahat na bus at van (long distance route). Wala ring byahe ang lahat ng ruta ng jeepney sa interior barangays dito. (Tony Salvador)

PORTA-Sorsogon -- Umabot sa 80% ng mga bus drivers at operators na nagtigil pasada sa Sorsogon. Sa Sorsogon City, Lumahok din ang ilang organisasyon ng mga jeepney at tricycle drivers. (Eduardo Ferreras)

CONDOR-Rinconada (Camarines Sur) -- Umabot sa 80% ng transport sektor sa mga bayan ng Iriga, Nabua, Baao, Bula, Bato at Buhi ang nakiisa sa transport strike. Nakapwesto din ang CONDOR Mass Action Center ng mga drayber sa Plaza Quince Martires sa Naga City na naghihikayat ng suporta sa isinasagawang transport strike. (Ken Serrano)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Abrogate VFA and Condemn the Acquittal of Daniel Smith

Abrogate VFA and Condemn the Acquittal of Daniel Smith

Reference: Ivy Rivero, Gabriela Youth Coordinator, Bicol (09052613930)

There is still hope amidst hopelessness.

With Court of Appeals reversing the Makati RTC ruling and acquitting Lance Corporal Daniel Smith last 23 April for lack of evidence manifesting the indication of force, threat and intimidation on Nicole, several groups expressed their adamant condemnation on the latter by conducting a protest action in front of the compound of the appellate court this morning and another at the US embassy this afternoon.

Such demonstration is a clear manifestation of the people’s grave disappointment and disapproval on the verdict of the justice system of the Philippine government on the issue and the upshots of the lopsided orders posed by the VFA. Likewise, the acquittal depicts that the Philippines-US ties will always supersede over national sovereignty and public interest. These flawed acts and defective methods are a big letdown to the national patrimony and integrity. They are strictly unforgivable and intolerable.

As long as the US-RP VFA is still on the run, legitimate justice and fairness is out of reach. Furthermore, the American troops will always have diversionary tactics to flee from their criminal liabilities.

There is an apparent and imminent need to reiterate and reaffirm the country’s principles regarding the resumption of the people’s sovereignty and dignity that we are fundamentally endowed with. To tolerate these continued unequal treatments and malicious schemes will further put the lives of the Filipino women at stake and incessantly undermine the value of justice and fairness. In due course, if these unrelenting semblances of injustice and disregard of women’s rights will not be dealt with accordingly, the country will take its toll and succumb in the hands of US.

We call upon the people to support this drive in firmly denouncing the VFA and Philippine Justice System. If we want to achieve justice and equality, we need to seriously act on these intricate matters. We do NOT need VFA and more importantly, we do NOT need US intervention. We have the people and one another to sustain and alleviate the nation from this mess that we are in. Amidst adversities and these legal and constitutional battles, there is still hope for the Philippines if we will unite and grasp firmly the lessons of the past by upholding the national sovereignty and the national interest together, resolutely and steadfastly.

Denounce Smith’s Acquittal!

US troops, VFA drive them out now!

Friday, April 24, 2009

SUMABA KA holds Junk VFA Forum

SUMABA KA (Sorsogon United Movement for Peace Against Balikatan) would like to invite you to a Junk VFA Forum on the 25th of April at the Matthew’s Hall of the Fatima Church, Sorsogon City. The forum will start at nine o’clock in the morning (9:00 a.m.).

The forum will be attended by lawyers, law students, professionals, teachers, government employees, local government officials, people from the church, academe, and other sectors of society.

The forum aims to provide necessary information to the public, so that they will be acquainted with the burning issues of the day. We are in the midst of a raging debate over the presence of US troops in the province under the US-RP Balikatan war exercises and the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Makipagtalakayan sa CONDOR-PISTON


Reference: Joel Ascutia – President, CONDOR-PISTON (0915.3199469)

alas 9 ng umaga sa CNY Fastfood sa Satelitte Bus Terminal sa Legazpi City.

Bakit laging tumataas ang presyo ng langis?

Ang pana-panahong akyat-baba ng presyo ay bahagya at bunga ng ispekulasyon. Tumataas ang presyo ng langis sa pandaigdigang pamilihan dahil sa tumitinding desperasyon ng kapitalista upang palakihin ang tubo sa pamamagitan ng ispekulasyon.

Hindi mga artipisyal na pagbabago sa suplay at demand ang nagbubunsod sa pagbabago ng presyo ng langis ---- ang mga ito ay nililikha lamang ng mas mapagpasyang kapangyarihan sa industriya ng langis, ang imperyalistang US.

Ang US ang pangunahing imperyalistang bansa na kumukontrol sa pandaigdigang industriya ng langis.

Ang nagdidikta ng saligang presyo ng krudong langis sa pandaigdigang pamilihan ay ang kartel ng mga dambuhalang transnasyunal na mga korporasyon. Habang kontrolado nito ang eksplorasyon, repinerya at distribusyon ng produktong petrolyo, tiyak na hindi mahihinto ang pagtaas ng presyo nito.

Bakit tinututulan ng CONDOR-PISTON ang US-RP Balikatan military exercises?

Ang US-RP Balikatan military exercises ang instrumento ng imperyalistang US upang mapanatili ang geopolitical na mga interes nito sa Asia-Pacific region. Sa taunang Balikatan exercises sa bansa, patuloy na nakakapagmantini dito ng presensya ng tropang US kahit wala nang base militar.

Nakasaad sa 1995 East Asia Strategy Report ng US Department of Defense: ang presensya ng pwersang militar ng US sa Asya ay mahigpit na nakaugnay sa pang-ekonomya at iba pang interes ng US sa bahagi ito ng daigdig, ang forward deployment ng tropang US ay absolutong rekisito upang maprotektahan ang mga kontrolado nitong “market” at mga interes nito.

Ang Balikatan military exercises ay instrumento ng imperyalismo upang higit pang dambungin ang yaman ng mga bansa, kabilang na ang Pilipinas. Ito ang nagtitiyak na tuluy-tuloy na nasa kontrol ng US ang global market.

Ang Balikatan military exercises ay panlulupig sa soberanya ng bansa. Ang malakihang pagpasok ng tropang Kano sa bansa ay panghihimasok sa kasarinlan at integridad ng Pilipinas.

Imperyalismong US, Kaaway ng Mamamayan

Pandarambong sa Ekonomya, Tutulan

Panlulupig sa Soberanya ng Bansa, Labanan

US Troops Out Now!